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The Seven Dials Blogs

The Brighton-based fantasy blogs, Daily Cix, Daily Ciblog and Daily Coxix are now available as paperbacks.

     Tom Purdue's Daily Cix, an idiosyncratic collection of pseudo-enquiry and epicuriosity, tells the stories of querulous individuals such as Malvolio Claxendell, Klara Marshall, Oud Ramonides and Zebedee Thurlough as they struggle with the problems of daily life around the Great Elm at Seven Dials.

     Ahmed Savi's Daily Ciblog brings you tales of the epic struggle between Madame Cosima's Personal Services Agency and the Convent of Theodora.

     In the final volume, Daily Coxix, Jorvik Stilten tells of the strange happenings at the Roundabout, with a unique account of Prigentia Colswain and her confrontation with the community.  These elegant volumes are the black and white paperbacks of the original blogs, and are currently available through Amazon and from Lulu Books.  

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