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I started writing when I lived on a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee. I thought of it as a quirk. When I was studying Psychology in Jerusalem, I worked in a Language School (it was then a very mixed city) and I met a huge crowd of different people. Writing then was a sort of record keeping activity.

When, back in London, I got married and had kids, writing grew into story-telling, but as I trained as a clinical psychologist writing became an avoidance activity. In Brighton, working with people with Learning Disabilities, writing was a way of expressing my anger at society. When I researched my doctoral thesis on Logic Programming, writing was a displacement activity.

Restrained in an increasingly chaotic and shrinking NHS, I began to realise that I was actually a writer. So recognising that fact, I took courses with the National Academy of Writing and later Curtis Brown Creative, and learned to take my writing seriously.

Since then I have edited an anthology, completed a volume of short stories, written a book about family history, completed a novel, and written blogs and blog books. Thus my mind is wandering and wondering - and new ideas cohere. I am defined by what I do, now. And I am defined by what I create. And more so by what I am creating, now.

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